Hey I'm Chelsea.....



When i started in the beauty industry 10 yrs ago it was a very different world! There was no online courses, outside support & definitely no collaboration, you learnt from tafe & from the people that you worked with in the salon & that was basically it.


The down fall was that you were over worked underpaid (yes i started on $8 an hr) a lot of the work places including mine were extremely toxic.


So once i left the salon i decided to start my own home based salon. It was such an exciting time in my life but realistically i had no f***ing clue what i was doing, I really went in completely blind.


I wasted a lot of time & money doing business the wrong way, i tried to turn to other brow & cosmetic tattoo artists &/or business owners but most the time unless i was willing to pay they weren't willing to share any tips or advice, some wouldn't even reply.


I tried to turn to family & friends but they just didn't understand as they had never had a business before, they tried to help but i felt myself feeling even more confused & frustrated trying to explain business stuff that they just didn't get.


I felt so alone, like i really had no-one or nowhere to turn to. As the years have gone on people have been much more collaborative but i still find that some of us are kept out of the loop.


I find that people wouldn't share my work because i used a certain type of henna or i wouldn't hear about upcoming training / events etc unless i was following the trainer or knew of someone who was more "in the loop".


This made me realize how much further we have to come in the brow & cosmetic tattoo industry, how we need people in the beauty world who can collaborate without being biased to shed the light on upcoming events, upcoming training, tips, tricks, advice & to share the work of all talented Australian & NZ artists.


To involve the beginners in the industry whilst also shining the light on our industry super stars. I see room for a one stop shop for finding out everything you need to know when it comes to Cosmetic Tattooing & the brow industry.


My goal is now intently focused on helping artists grow their brow businesses & bring us all together by creating a simple & inclusive community you can thrive in.


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