Cosmetic Eyebrow Tattooing

At Chelsea Valentino 2 types of Eyebrow Cosmetic Brow Tattoos are available


- Microblading / Feathertouch


This technique requires a disposable hand tool that consists of very fine needles all lined in a row, by scratching the skin and inserting pigment, This eyebrow tattoo method mimics individual eyebrow hairs making it the most natural style of eyebrow tattoo in the cosmetic industry. (This is not an ideal eyebrow tattoo for oily skin types)












-  Machine Eyebrows


The second is done using a digital machine, The methods created using this machine are Ombre and powder eyebrows. This is a more full eyebrow look compared to Microblading,like if you were to use an eyebrow powder to powder on your eyebrows.













- Combination brows

Combination eyebrows are quickly becoming one of the most popular eyebrow styles on the market and consist of a mix between Microblading and Machine eyebrows. This look begins as natural microblading and ends using the machine for a more full and defined eyebrow look.











*IMPORTANT NOTE* - Please do not book any Eyebrow cosmetic tattoo treatments including Saline Removal without reading the Eligibility Page & the Clinic Considerations


*All Initial Cosmetic tattoo Treatments require a 4 week Refresher session, every treatment below with this symble * Includes your 4 week refresher treatment & your after care kit

Cosmetic Eyebrow Treatments


Time Allocation


Microblading / Feather Touch (4 wk touch up is required)


Powder Eyebrows


Ombre Eyebrows


Combination Eyebrows


Saline Tattoo (Removal Session 1)

Price may reduce depending on how many

sessions required

Saline Removal (Session 2 on wards)


$600 Inc After care kit

$600 Inc After care kit

$600 Inc After care kit


$620 Inc After care kit


$170 Inc After care Kit

$150 A/C Not included

30 Minutes

2.5 Hours


2.5 Hours


2.5 Hours


2.5 Hours

1 Hour

1 hour

Refresher appointments for clients previously tattooed within the salon

4 Week Refresher


6 Month Refresher


12 Month Refresher

1 ½ year Refresher


2 Year Touch up


Longer than 2 years price will be the same as a new tattoo


$210 Inc After care kit


$230 Inc After care kit  


$280 Inc After care kit


$380 Inc After care kit

1 Hour 30 minutes


1 Hour 30 minutes


1Hour 30 minutes


2 Hours


2 Hours

If you are certain you would like the treatment there is no need to book an Eyebrow Cosmetic tattoo consultation as a consultation is included in all the cosmetic tattooing treatments.

Clients previously Tattooed elsewhere

If you have previously been tattooed elsewhere and would like to make a tattooing appointment please book in a consultation or Book a tattooing appointment at full cost.


Depending on how the past tattoo has faded out Saline removal maybe required, this comes at a starting cost of $150  & may take more than one session.

If you are unsure if a removal session is needed please book in a consultation to avoid disappointment.