Yumi Lash Lifting Information








What is a Yumi Lash Lift?

A Yumi lash lift is a treatment in which solution is applied to the lashes to give an enhanced lift, a Tint is then applied to make your eye area and lashes pop, This is then followed by a Nourishing lash treatment that feeds your lashes and surrounding area with nourishment that helps restore & maintain lash health. It also aids in lash growth.

The Process:

1- The eye area is first cleansed with a soft cleanser

2- The eyes are closed, and an appropriately sized silicon rod is applied very gently to the top eyelid above the lash line.

3- The upper lashes are then adhered onto a silicone rod

4- The lash solution is applied in a thin layer for 8 to 14 minutes, followed by a second solution that is applied for 3 to 5 minutes.

5 - Once the solutions have been properly removed the Yumi blue-black lash tint is applied unless otherwise specified by the client

6 - The nourishing lash treatment is applied and covers the entire lash area this is left on the lashes for it to be absorbed throughout the day  


Can I have Lash lifts done Regularly?

It is recommended to have your lashes done every approximately every 8 weeks, this ensures that the lash lift has fallen out and that your natural lashes keep their natural cycle, keeping their health and nutrients within the lash. This will prevent breakages, snapping, or an excessive loss of lashes

Can I have this treatment whilst pregnant?

Yumi lash lifts are safe for pregnant women however results are extremely variable and in some cases do not work due to such a high fluctuation in hormones. This should be taken into account when booking your appointment as Refunds or free treatments will not be given if desired results are not in line with the outcome.

After Care Instructions

- As your lashes have been freshly curled they need time to be able to set proper to be able to do this it is important to avoid heat, ie saunas, hot showers, swimming steam rooms​ & water altogether for at least 24 hours.

- Do not apply Mascara for 24 hours

- Do not use lash curlers

- Do not rub or lay on your lashes for 24 hours as this may alter the curl.

Considerations - Please avoid wearing Mascara or Lash extensions to your appointment, if you need lash extension removal please book this in separately.