Cosmetic Eyebrow Tattooing

There are 2 types of Eyebrow Cosmetic Brow Tattoos options with 4 different style to choose from:


Microblading aka Feather Touch

This technique requires a disposable hand tool that consists of very fine needles all lined in a row, by scratching the skin and inserting pigment, This eyebrow tattoo method mimics individual eyebrow hairs making it the most natural style of eyebrow tattoo in the cosmetic industry. (This is not an ideal eyebrow tattoo for oily skin types)


Machine Eyebrows

The second is done using a digital machine, The methods created using this machine are Ombre and powder eyebrows. This is a more full eyebrow look compared to Microbladinglike if you were to use an eyebrow powder to powder on your eyebrows.


Combination brows

(This is a mix between both styles listed above)

Combination eyebrows are  one of the most popular eyebrow styles on the market, it consist of a mix of Microblading and Machine eyebrows. This look begins with microblading and ends using the machine for a soft front of the brow & more full looking middle & tail of the brow.



Please read the Eligibility Page & Clinic Considerations prior to making a cosmetic tattoo or saline removal booking 
*All Initial Cosmetic tattoo Treatments require a 4-week Refresher session & All appointments include a Consultation, Consultations are only required if your unsure about having tattooing done)



Initial Cosmetic Eyebrow Tattoo Treatments





40 Minutes

Microblading/Feather (4wk Touch up is Required

$580 Inc Aftercare kit & Anesthetic

3 Hours

Combination Eyebrows (4wk Touch up Required)

$600 Inc Aftercare kit & Anesthetic

3 Hours

Ombre Eyebrows (4wk Touch up Required)

$580 Inc Aftercare kit & Anesthetic

3 Hours

Powder Eyebrows (4wk Touch up Required)

$580 Inc Aftercare kit & Anesthetic

3 Hours

Saline Tattoo Removal (1st Session)

$170 Inc Aftercare kit & Anesthetic

1 Hours

Saline Tattoo Removal  (2nd Session)

$150 Inc Aftercare kit not Inc

1 Hours

Refresher appointments for clients previously tattooed within the salon


4 wk Refresher

$150 A/C Supplied at initial App

2 Hours

6 Month Refresher

$210 Inc After care Kit & Anesthetic

2 Hours

12 Month Refresher

$230 Inc After care Kit & Anesthetic

2 Hours

1 1/2yr  Refresher

$280 Inc After care Kit & Anesthetic

2 Hours

2 Yr Refresher

$380 Inc After care Kit & Anesthetic

2 Hours

Longer then 2 yrs price will be the same as an Initial tattoo


(However if you are a Bunbury client that couldn't receive your 12 to 2 year touch up due to Chelsea Leaving you may book in for the 2 year touch up option. 

Clients previously Tattooed Elsewhere

If you have previously been tattooed elsewhere & you're unsure if you want to go ahead with retattooing your brows please book in a Consultation. If you would like to go ahead please Book the tattoo style of your choice as an initial appointment not a refresher.

If you have any questions please reach out to me & ask away. You can contact me via Instagram or Facebook