Cosmetic Tattoo Eligibility

You safety is my top priority & with Eyebrow Cosmetic Tattooing there are some conditions, medications etc that will prevent me from performing any Eyebrow Cosmetic Treatments on some people, due to this concern I will need you to check if you are eligible to receive cosmetic tattooing prior to booking.
Once you have read through this if you have no contraindications please head to Tattoo FAQ'S & Aftercare from there you can make booking.
Upon booking an Eyebrow Cosmetic tattoo appointment please send through clear photos of the area you would like tattooed, Please insure you are wearing no makeup, preferable un-tinted brows, good lighting or natural sunlight photos of the area to 0413781367. This is a must for me to be able to assess your brows prior to your appointment.
Are you 18+?
As the law states within Australia you must be 18+ to be eligible to receive a Cosmetic tattoo treatment, therefore ID will be required upon your appointment.
Parental approval doesn’t not make anyone under the age of 18 eligible for this treatment
Are you pregnant or breastfeeding?
Those who are pregnant or breastfeeding cannot have cosmetic tattooing during pregnancy or the breastfeeding process. Please book once you have given birth and ceased breastfeeding. This is to insure the safety of yourself and your baby.
As Pregnancy changes hormones dramatically colour retention and the colour itself can not be guaranteed.
Are you trying to fall pregnant or currently going through IVF.
Please give 4 weeks after your Eyebrows Cosmetic tattooing refresher treatment before trying to conceive. I do not like to risk the safety of anyone or their unborn baby by having recently implanted foreign bodies and using anesthetic, I would like to insure that the body has completely broken these down and excreted them prior to conception. If you are actively trying please wait until after the baby is born.
Do you have an existing Eyebrows Tattoo?
Unfortunately, not all Eyebrow tattoos can be corrected without some sort of removal, therefore if you have an existing Eyebrow tattoo please send photos through to 0413781367 and Chelsea will inform you as to if she can treat the area or if removal is required prior to any further Cosmetic tattooing.
Diagnosed with Cancer?
To insure your own health and well being an oncologist will need to write a clearance to insure you will be safe whilst receiving the treatment.
Do you have any active infections?
If you have any infections, please mention this prior to your appointment a medical certificate maybe required


I'm Sunburnt

Sunburn is a major contraindication to cosmetic tattooing if a client is sunburnt upon arriving at the salon their appointment will be cancelled & the deposit forfeited.

Cosmetic Injectables
Injectables can affect the Eyebrow tattoo therefore 2 weeks between injectable and cosmetic tattooing is needed to allow the area to settle
Please mention all injectables near the area that will be treated and time frame between having them done and your inquiry.
Have you had any problems / allergies with topical anesthetics or injected anesthetic?
As a anesthetic will be used during your appointment on an opened wound it is important to inform Chelsea prior to your appointment if you have had any previous reactions/ issues prior to making a booking, a medical certificate will be required.
Do you have any allergies?
Please mention all allergies in your Booking Request Form.
Medical conditions?
A majority of medical condition are ok when receiving cosmetic tattooing however if you do have a medical condition please notify Chelsea prior to booking an appointment as a medical certificate maybe required
Please notify Chelsea of any medications you are currently taking, some may interact with receiving Eyebrow Cosmetic Tattooing however most are ok, Others may require you to receive a medical certificate before hand.
Do you have any blood clotting conditions?
If you are prone to Blood clotting a medical certificate is required
Do you have HIV/AIDS?
Please notify Chelsea prior to making a booking for any Cosmetic​ procedures, you will also be required to bring a medical certificate
Are you taking any supplements?
Please mention any supplements you are taking including fitness/natural and herbal supplements as this can effect the colour and retention of your Eyebrow Cosmetic Tattoo. Some you will need to cease taking prior to and shortly after your treatments, if safe to do so.
Are you taking any fish oils?
Fish oils affect the retention of the tattoo pigment which may lead to the tattoo not holding as well. If possible discontinue the use of fish oil 7 days prior to receiving a cosmetic tattoo, please also advise Chelsea upon making your booking.
Hormonal imbalances, thyroid conditions and HRT?
These imbalances may cause your tattoo to fade at a faster than usual pace, please keep this in mind when making a booking.
Do you have a history of keloid scarring?
If you are prone to keloid scaring you will need to obtain a doctors clearance to have the treatment carried out, please do your research and be very mind full of the effects cosmetic tattooing can have on someone who is prone to keloid scarring.​ As a series of fine needles will be used to make incisions to open the skin implant pigment and than must heal it's self, if you are prone to keloid scarring I can not guarantee that these wounds will not scar and elevate like a scar. A medical certificate will be needed to proceed with the treatment.
Do you have any skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis, psoriosis, acne, capillaries near the area that will be treated?
If so please mention this prior to making a booking along with clear photos of the area.​
Do you have any scars in or near the area?​
Please mention this upon making a booking It is best to allow the scar 12 months to heal prior to your Eyebrow Cosmetic tattoo appointment.​
Activities and post Eyebrow Cosmetic Tattoo
Your brows will need to remain dry for 7 days post treatment meaning no swimming, sport or exercise. It is also advised to be SunSmart wearing a hat sunglasses and avoiding the sun as much as possible.
Skin Care and Facials
If there are active ingredients in your skin care regime please stop use 30 days prior and 30 days after your cosmetic treatment to ensure the colour stays crispy and fresh, This is also advised with facial treatments
Have you had any burns in the area that you would like tattooed? including sunburn, windburn and chemical burn
Ensure the area is completely healed prior to booking an appointment, If you arrive with any of the above you will be turned away for your own safety and your deposit will be lost
All clients who have not previously had Eyebrow Cosmetic Tattooing are required to send one full faced photo, Clients who have previously had tattooing are required to send one full faced photo and a close up of each brow, please take a clear photos, with no makeup, in direct sunlight preferably and send them to 0413781367, with first and last name, contact number and email.
Although there are set amounts for each individual refresher due to excess loss of colour, colour correction, shape correction, removal etc excess charges may apply.
Social Media & Makeup
Keep in mind when booking appointments with Chelsea Valentino that you agree that all photos taken within the salon are property there of Chelsea Valentino, These photos will be shared on various social media platforms, therefore we do ask that you keep this in mind. Please wear minimal makeup around the area, If you would like to pencil, powder, pomade etc your brows to show me what colour / shape you love by all means please do so.
I know that committing to cosmetic tattooing can be an overwhelming experience & you may have a heap more questions you want to ask me prior to booking, If so please feel free to contact me via the Instagram or Facebook link below alternatively you can also book in a 30 minutes Consultation

If you have any questions please reach out to me & ask away. You can contact me via Instagram or Facebook 
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    Chelsea is brilliant at what she does! I'm quite a self conscious person, especially about my almost non existent eyebrows, but Chelsea has always gone above and beyond to have me leaving her salon beaming with confidence and flawless brows!

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    Went in rather nervous and unsure of exactly what i wanted. Chelsea listened to my concerns and what i was looking for and transformed my brows into an amazing work of art. So pleased with how they turned out and cannot wait for my next appointment!

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  • Pictured: Combination Brows

    I followed Chelsea for 2 yrs before I had the courage to pick up the phone, when I went to finally book I seen she was leaving! My first thought was "oh gosh serves me right for taking so long"

    Then I thought I would send her a message begging (lol) her to do them after lots of messages I was able to get a cancelation appointment and WOW she is definitely a very talented lady I'm in love with the style and look it has given me, everyone comments what an amazing job she done.
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