Podcast Stars

Jasmin Ford

Juggling a Makeup biz, Study & 3 Kids 

Cherie Ayrton

From Makeup artist to Wellintons first Cosmetic Tattoo Training Academy. Cherie talks about self doubt, Mistakes made & lessons learnt on her way to the top

Jen Barnard

Jen Barnard sheds the light on her hardship in business & why you shouldn't follow brow trends 

Clare Martin 

The Conciousness Coach 

How to grow your business & reach your dreams whilst staying connected with yourself & haveing a life 

Tamara Reid

Beauti Industry's Leading Lady 

Kate Dawes

Kate is Australia's leading Trichologist. Sharing her story & knowledge about the SMP industry.

Elle Wilson 

Elle Wilson the creator of the True brow system shares her journey on how true brow was created, Why she created it & who its for