Are you trying to figure out new ways to bring in some money??

A lot of what I have been seeing is beauty businesses trying to do whatever they can to just sell something to bring money in! & I totally get it we need money for our businesses to survive. I've seen people selling wax, wax strips & even brow bleaching kits… 🤦‍♀️

Not only is this dangerous for your clients, it's a slippery slope for your brand & its not a sustainable sales strategy either. I’m just going to say it straight up: It comes across as a desperate attempt to bring money in by any means possible & it just isn't a good look. 🤷‍♀️

I'm also seeing a lot of people creating things that are not going to be of any use once our salons reopen which essentially is a waste of your Iso time. I know you may not see it like this right now, thought this time could most definitely be a complete blessing to you if you are using your time effectively to improve & create strategies to increase your sales to grow your business.

Soooooo why not use this time to create an income stream that is going to keep bringing you money in even when your salon reopens??? 😊 One income stream that a lot of beauty businesses overlook that could literally bring you in thousands of dollars every single week is a membership program.

This strategy can take a little time to set it up, implement & have people join however the benefits can far outweigh the time it takes to set it up & here is why:

- Once you have set up a membership program, it's done! if it's working for you & your clients are signing up then there's no need to change it. - It's easy to change or add new membership options. - People can sign up for memberships easily through links so you can sell them in store & online. - Your memberships can be services, products or both They are a great up-sell. - You have consistent money coming in every week / fortnight / month depending on how you set up the payment option. 👌

Now i'm one to be honest & i'm not going to paint a rainbow over a pile of shit & tell you that this is all easy! 😁

Having people sign up to your membership really depends on your sales skills & if your membership offer is something that your clients actually want to buy from you. So it may take you a bit of time to trial & error what works for you, though the pay off will be worth it as this is an ongoing income stream.

- Once your membership has been set up & clients start to sign up, you have to be prepared for people to also drop off occasionally, this is just a common part of business. Over time you will see that you have a base income month to month so sometimes more & sometimes less as people sign up and drop off but an overall average income.

So what's the biggest thing holding you back from starting a membership program for your salon?

Chelsea Valentino

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