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Updated: Apr 24

Young and ambitious, Clare Martin’s Semi Permanent Makeup (SPMU) journey started 20 years ago, back in London where she did her first ever SPMU course. Like a lot of us, Clare walked away feeling not overly confident in her new found skills (though keep in mind 20 years ago no one even really knew how to shape a brow, let alone know the ins and outs of such a new and unheard of treatment such as cosmetic tattooing). If anything, the course left Clare with more questions than answer

- Did these tattoo's fade over time? - How did they fade over time? - How long do they last? - How do I keep the integrity of the skin? - What were the risks to the client and to herself, as a business owner? - How could I reduce risk in the treatments?

The course had Clare realising one thing, that she didn’t feel confident enough to carry out these treatments without causing possible harm to clients and she didn’t know enough about skin to qualify in giving this level of procedure.

This lead her down the path of studying Beauty Therapy, and subsequently enrolling in as much training as she could to further advance her skin knowledge. Some years later (at 30 years of age) Clare moved to Australia and purchased her own salon. She developed it into a clinic that specialised in skin and it did tremendously well. From a less than average run-down salon, Clare was able to build a highly successful and profitable skin clinic with MINIMAL staff. After building a business, built on a solid foundation and consisting of great systems, she was able to sell her clinic quickly and profitably.

Clare decided she wanted a brand-new career and to reignite her passion for Cosmetic Tattoo. Clare walked away from the sale of her salon being a more experienced business operator, who had learned many lessons along the way and more importantly, evolved into a much wiser businesswoman overall.  

With vast experience and past learning's now up her sleeve, Clare was well equipped to start her new business specialising in Cosmetic Tattoo. Clare quickly realised that cosmetic tattooing requires MANY skills, which are often highly underestimated and unappreciated. “When we take this role on,it is a lot harder than we anticipate. We are in a room with clients all day, it was really tough for me, I felt lonely & isolated” a feeling that many Beauty Therapists & Cosmetic Tattooists can relate to.

Clare states “I feel like we have so many hats to wear HR, accounting, artists, businesswomen. It’s completely overwhelming and that’s when I realised how little guidance there is available in mentoring and coaching SPMU artists, specifically in business”.

“I’ve always been really curious about my own behaviors and the behaviour and thoughts of others, so once I decided to become a coach for cosmetic tattoo artists, I decided to study becoming a Consciousness Coach. I am now able to help my clients identify with their core beliefs and achieve their perfect work life balance through an improved mindset as well as advanced business skills,”

Women right now are hustling - they are doing, doing, doing and it’s such a masculine energy. Masculine energy often involves the sacrifice of everything, in order to achieve” Do you really want to achieve by sacrificing everything else in your life? Like watching your kids grow up, taking care of yourself, spending quality time with friends and family? We don’t get a second chance in life with those precious moments”. Even through quarantine businesswomen are pushing to do so much and this constant doing can only last so long. Our motivation, energy, passion and love for our work can only exist in the long term, if we harness how to manage our energy”.

Artists have stretched themselves so thin for so long that they don’t even have time to consider searching for a coach or mentor, even though we can guide and help them to take the pressure off themselves, so that they can actually have a life outside of their business”.

I want these artists to know that they too can manage their business effectively and live a life that’s happy and healthy”. A lot of tattoo artists are like me, we are visionaries, we live in a dream like state where we have big dreams, were artsy and creative people, and that’s our zone of genius. It can take time to figure out where you want to be in your business though, so it’s important to stay aligned with what your good at and what makes you happy”.

As artists we are resilient, this can be our biggest advisory and enemy. We always pretend that we are all good and fine but we fail to acknowledge that our work is hard and even if we are passionate it doesn’t make it easy. If we open up and show people when we are struggling, when things are tough, it’s amazing how much everyone will rally around to help you.

The silver lining to the current covid 19 situation and being in quarantine is that it has stripped us of everything external that we have placed value in. There are so many realities coming up right now that are confronting. Some people are still distracting and going with the push mentality, I’ve got to get online, I’ve got to do a fb live, I’ve got to be doing something. Sometimes we just need to stop and allow for adjustment.

You can’t create and have new ideas in a state of constant doing - that’s not how it works!” Sit and adjust to the situation, don’t disconnect from your emotions, actually feel them and discover what you want. Take this time to discover who you are:

- Get Raw - Get vulnerable - Get Real

Clare is the first to admit that she is not the coach for everyone, stating that you need to find a coach you really connect with and can be vulnerable with, so that you can get the most out of it for yourself. Clare loves to work with passionate artists that are committed to leveling up and to the growth of their business and themselves and to have work life balance that nurtures their energy.

So just to touch the tip of the iceberg of what Clare offers in her program: - Clare is available to contact at your discretion, throughout her program (now this is almost unheard of for a coach just to put things in perspective for you I recently paid $1700 for a 2 hour, 1 on 1 session with a coach, Yes you read that right 2 hours!!! and Clare’s course is 12 weeks (which she may be revising to be longer).   - Clare designs a complete booking system for you, saving you so much time and energy. The booking system is designed to automate as much manual labour as possible, reduce stress and anxiety by supporting you with bulletproof written processes (most that you may not have even thought of), solid booking policies, boundaries, values, confidence, legal backing as well as setting it up with all of your branding! This helps your business to stand out amongst the competition and reduces so much wasted time spent doing unnecessary admin tasks.   - Clare will help you to do a time audit to understand where you are losing your energy in your working week and not staying aligned with what you love, then work with you to alleviate those tasks through her systems or growth of your business, so that you are working at your optimum.   - Complete management of your clients, including managing their expectations. You will deliver a service over and above what they have ever experienced, and they will then go on to refer you and your business to others. Your service from start to finish will be what sets you apart, after you have worked with Clare.   - Setting boundaries for yourself, your life, your business.

- Figuring out your future goals and setting your bigger vision – Clare deep dives into this area so that you have total alignment with the future you want to pursue. She makes it completely identifiable, helping your FEEL into your future and achieve dreams that truly CONNECT with WHO you are and what you want.   - Helping you get to know yourself better than ever before, including breaking through your limiting beliefs, glass ceilings and overcoming them, so you can stop holding yourself back.   - Implementing and training you in other systems that save you time and money   - INTEGRATING your business with your life, so that you can have a life outside of your business which is solely focused on your own self-care and core happiness.   This course is so in depth. It covers mindset and business values, ultimately working towards a successful business that you don’t have to hustle and sacrifice for. A business that is highly successful and profitable and maximises time and energy minus the exhaustion or mental breakdowns. You will leave the program with a clarity and confidence like never before, by feeling supported and aligned. Clare provides you with a solid business foundation and mindset, that is ready for future growth, by having stable and proven systems. Together she will show you how to take steps to creating the perfect work life balance, that aligns with who you are and create your ideal happiness.

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