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Updated: Jun 3

Jodie is savvy business women turn coach, who doesn’t take on any client unless she truely believes that sheis able to make them 4x plus what they invest into training with her! Hello to more holidays & a new pair of Valentino shoes am I right?

Jodie has been in the Hair industry for 35 years and although she is a leader in her field now, let’s go back to where is all began...

Jodie started out as a hairdresser at 16 with a dream and overflowing passion for the Industry. Jodie was offered an opportunity to go into partnership with the owners of the salon she worked in.

Jodie dived in headfirst even though she had no clue on how to run and business and her parents were a little apprehensive of her taking such a huge leap at such a young age.

(At this stage Jodie was only 18.) However, they did encourage her and supported her decision to give it a go.

After running the salon (In a partnership) successful for 2 years Jodie’s father decided to buy her partners out and become a silent partner. The other partners wanted to expand elsewhere, and I was not financially stable enough at that stage to buy them out. To be honest I was still living at home and constantly in debit to someone, though eventually I was able to buy my dad out.

A huge learning curve for Jodie was learning management, leadership and people skills, At 18 it was a lot to learn and to take on, I relied heavily on my parents.

I found that managing a team was my biggest challenge in business, I felt like just another kid on the block, I really did not know how to handle it all.

Jodie admits that it took until around 27 (9 years) for her to learn how to be a confident leader, before that I was learning on the run. I pretty much brought myself a job said Jodie and being a coach it's something I see all too often, This is why I love coaching, I can help women move away from just having a job and towards creating more money so that they can live great life.

Jodie believe that all business problems fall into 3 categories and after hearing her speak about them I completely agree: Time, Team or Money are the 3 categories that need to be running smoothly to have a successful and profitable business. They are all interconnected says Jodie and if one is out whack it effects another category for e.g.: If you don’t have a good team you’re not making good money, If you’re not making good money your probably spending to much time on the floor trying to make up for what your team isn’t bringing in etc.

We also have a saying at The Zing Project (that some may not be ready to read) I’m the problem I’m the solution! When running a business, you have to own it, What are you doing in business to contribute to the problem? We all have a part to play and as the business owner, your team is only following your lead.

One thing a successful business owner must learn is good communication skills, we all have conflict in our lives at some stage, its good, its healthy, we all do it, it's how you communicate and get through it that’s important.

One thing I never tolerated is team members not getting along, it’s a nonnegotiable for me. It causes a very toxic and very unhealthy workplace and that too is something that comes down to good leadership skills. Usually I fin with conflict in the salon that it generally has something to do with the person themselves in their own personal lives that they are bringing into the salon and its something that they need to be taught to leave it at the door.

When most women buy a business they don’t realise how much more money they can make

working on the business rather than in the business. It normal for business owners to be fearful of letting go of control, we think that we are the only ones capable of doing a good job but realistically if you train your team up right you will have a much better outcome and actually end up making more money.

My biggest bit of advice to salon owners is know your numbers, this is one of the first things we teach is your breakeven point, most people dont even know how much it costs for them to open their doors each week.

Having been able to speak with Jodie in person it's easy to see that her passion for helping women in the hair and beauty industry is her new calling, If your wanting to connect with Jodie and discuss if her coaching programs are right for you click one of the links below to get in contact.

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