Elle Wilson - The Creator of the True Brow System

Updated: Feb 27

Elle Wilson the creator of the true brow system Elle started in the beauty industry at the young age of 21, at this stage in her life El was struggling with a deep mental battle that lead her to bulimia and anorexia. She didn't have any belief in herself but her sister did, as Her sister encouraged her into beauty school by paying for her school tuition. Elle started off waxing & tinting but admits that she was absolutely petrified that she was going to tint people way too dark as brows were not really a big thing back then, There wasn't any proper education or training available for brow artists. When l decided to have babies, i also decided that it was time for me to leave the industry, it wasn't enjoyable anymore, and I swore never to go back. I was feeling unfulfilled in my life & my business, I had no idea what i was even doing on the planet. I started meditating four hours every single day trying to connect to my inner self & ask the hard questions on who am I? & what she wanted in life. Elle found herself waking up at 3 a.m. Writing notes unable to sleep with all these ideas & excitement pouring out of her. She started Speaking at events & colleges about her life experience to help young women understand their inner self worth which then inspired Elle to at 37 (even as a shock to herself) returned to the beauty industry & thus True brow was created. Elle's True brow system created to offer high end education to aspiring artists & business owners to change their lives through a simple but effective business model. As well as building the unique true brow technique Elle has mentored many students to run successful businesses & become world wide educators. However she is quick to tell you that she has a system that has worked for many people time and time again. But if you're a rebel then this is not for you, True brow is a system created for people to follow step-by-step to grow the business of their dreams if you want to be a rebel the this just won't work fr you. On top of running & growing an extremely successful empire, Elle is an award-winning author having written The Powershift which dives so deep into her personal life from her struggles, fears, recovery, her Triumph & the five principles that have helped her in life. These principles can be hard to come to terms with if you're not ready, but empowering and life changing if you're open to it. Chelsea Valentino x

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