Free & Affordable ideas to keep your beauty biz a float during Carona virus

With all the panic around the corona virus situation it's understandable people are afraid to book beauty appointments however, as a business owner it's detrimental that we have clients coming through our doors on a consistent basis. I have done my best to come up with some ideas to help you guys out: 1: Make people laugh You can do this through memes your own videos other people's videos or posts you share, people are panicking and highly strung, it's really important to help people take their mind off the situation for a moment by making them laugh. You can create videos with your team dancing around the salon (I love these videos) & then also promote your salon by typing in the post letting people know your next available 5 appointments. You can also add some sort of a deal special or package & don't forget a call-to-action. What are they supposed to do to make a booking etc? 2: Explain the measures you're taking in regards to infection control so that your clients feel safe & at ease about coming to their appointments. Interesting Fact: Do you know that Facebook has spiked with its users being online 30% more than usual? This means it's a fantastic time for businesses to promote services & products. 3: If you're struggling to get people through the door concentrate on trying to promote & sell online products, make sure to put a clause in there that there are no refunds on products purchased. That although the products are in stock and will be shipped as soon as possible that you will have to abide by government rules & regulations. So if we go into any sort of lock down the products will be shipped as soon as they can once you are able to. 4: Stress & hormones have a huge impact on the body, cells, mind & skin in the situation that we are currently in everybody is quite highly stressed, this means that you can advertise products such as skin care, massage oils, candles, essential oils, incense etc relating them to how stress effects the skin & what products will keep your skin looking fresh or how things such as candles & pure essential oils are a way for us to reconnect with ourselves take a bath meditate read a book & just really take some time out for ourselves whilst being surround with relaxing scents. 5: Facials & massages are also a great way to relieve stress, they have huge benefits in regards to mind & body explain to your clients the negative effects of stress & hormones can have on the mind & body & how a massage/ facial can improve / fix that for them 6: You can ask your clients to share comment like and tag people on your posts, this is free & easy for them to do, you could put up a post or video sharing your vulnerability & explaining how much of a toll this virus has had on your business & how they can help 7: You can ask clients to book future appointments & pay a deposit. 8: Promote packages & memberships, everyone will go back to their normal lives once this blows over so start creating some irresistible package & membership options for them to purchase now. Clients can pay weekly, fortnightly, monthly, deposits or full amounts so its a great way to keep some money rolling in. 8: Don't be fooled into the mindset that everybody has no money a lot of people have money & with a spike of 30% increase on Facebook they are also board! make sure you give your clients something to entertain them or to buy from are! They want to spend money they are just looking for something to spend it on. 9: In situation's like this it's easy for us 2 get wrapped up in our own mind, so remember that other businesses need your help too we're in this together, like comment tag &/share their stuff as well. 10: There's always a Silver lining to every situation, if you find your salon is quiet, you could move clients over then you as the CEO or manager can start utilizing your time in other areas of the business that need your attention. 11: Please let me know if this was helpful & feel free to tag me in your postal so I can support you too We are all in this together Chelsea Valentino

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