How Constructive criticism can help you business growth

Do you allow constructive criticism in?

I was only 21 when I got into the entrepreneurial world, so it took me a while to understand the difference between the importance of criticism & constructive criticism. As business owners we work so hard to build successful businesses yet so often, I see / hear business owners being offended by constructive criticism.

It can be really hard as human beings for us to take in constructive criticism because sometimes it freaking hurts & it feels uncomfortable, yet it is free customer help that should be welcomed with open arms by all business owners. Your business will become more successful, quicker if you are listening & taking on board customer constructive criticism.

Ignoring one customers feedback isn't really ignoring just one person because a lot of the time they are just the 1 person out of 20 other people who felt the same way, they just cared enough about you or your business to actually to speak up about it.

So imagine you took that bit of feedback on board changed the issue the client was having & in return you now have 5, 10, 15 people raving about how amazing you are because of a simple change.

How many returning clients could this create?

How many more reviews would you receive?

How many more recommendations would you receive?

How much could your business revenue increase?

The other important piece to the puzzle I see missing soooo often is businesses not asking for feedback. News flash ladies , people don't like confrontation, a lot of people won't say to you oh hey by the way ca you just change this one thing so that my experience is better & then I will come back every month.

Nope they wont!

What they will say is OK thanks, bye & move to another salon down the road, It is your responsibility as the owner / manager / therapist to ask your clients: If they enjoyed their entire salon experience? Is there anything you can do to improve any part of their experience for next time? I always believe you should ask at least one of these at every single session prior to your client leaving however, some people are afraid to speak up so alternatively you could either send a follow up text, an email or ask them to fill out a feedback form.

When you fix your clients frustrations with your business the return on investment will be:

Rave reviews

Returning clients / Clients returning more often then usual

Clients recommending your business

Clients Spending more money with you

Which means less money spent on ads & marketing,

New clients through the recommendations of your happy customers

Quicker, easier business growth & more profit for you.

Do you take in constructive criticism and ask you r clients for feedback? let us know

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