From Young Mum to the Owner of Perths Leading Skin Clinic, How did Rachel Diaz do it?

Updated: Jun 21

Rachel Diaz is a brilliant business woman that runs a successful and highly sought after Shabby chic style skin boutique called Love Beauty Skin Clinic in Perth Western Australia. Although Rachel illuminates such beauty and happiness today, her journey has been anything but easy.

Rachel fell pregnant at the young age of 17, 3 months into having a newborn Rachel decided to study a Diploma in Beauty Therapy. (Get ready to go deep) I was in a very unsupportive relationship where I was a victim of domestic violence. There were times when I thought maybe it's me, maybe I'm broken and I deserve this but deep down I knew it wasn't me, it was a really hard time said Rachel.

I was afraid to leave him being so young, I had no money and a newborn. Being a bit of a rule breaker and being pregnant at such a young age, my teachers also thought I was no more than a little degenerate and that I probably wouldn't amount to much. Luckily for me they were wrong.

Her escape from this relationship and being a mum was her passion for studying her Diploma in Beauty therapy, when learning about the skin, the products, the benefits, the ingredients etc I just fell in love with it all, It gave me something to strive for, it was really fulfilling and something for me.

I worked for a day spa and had my own home based salon on the side, I was lucky that my dad used my inheritance to set up a space for me in the house that my partner (at the time) and I had brought, however when I left the relationship we had to sell the house immediately at a loss which meant I lost my salon room and my inheritance.

Rachel is so optimistic and admits that she was devastated when she lost everything though she always looks for the silver lining in every situation.

From there I rented a tiny unit where I lived with my new partner, best friend and her partner.

I restarted my home based business in a tiny space in the house, we lived off of noodles, sacrificed and saved enough to get our own place. Long story short I was so busy I had to hire someone else it didn't work out I had to let her go and rehire. From there we were so busy it was time to leap into a commercial salon and we just haven't stopped growing!

When listening eagerly and trying to extract Rachel's secret pill to success to share with you guys, she let me in by telling me that she actually had no idea what she was doing! Being so young Rach had no business plan and no strategies, looking back I feel like I fluked it said Rachel. All I knew was what I wanted to achieve and the vision I had for the life I wanted to live. Something that really helped me though was putting myself in my clients shoes and asking the question "If I was the client what would I want?". (Psst it sounds so simple though that is a secret to success)

People have a fear of hiring and training up staff in case they leave however if you make your work environment one that they want to stay at then they will. You need to give back to your team so much so that if they were to leave they would be losing out and not getting as good of a deal anywhere else.

If you treat people like they are your slaves and beneath you (like how I was treated) they will leave. Treating people like that isn't right and I never wanted to be that boss, Your team still needs boundaries, structure, guidance and a leader but you can still do that in a trusting and respectful way.

I built a well known brand by putting myself out there and having complete confidence, I'm not afraid of judgement, opinions or backlash. We invest heavily in our training constantly keeping up to date and being open minded to learning and adapting to n people that don't invest in their education are missing out on the latest information.

Success is something you create, you dont need to be perfect, you dont need to come from a rich amazing familiy to be successful. As long as you believe in yourself and keep fighting forward you can be whatever you want to be. So dont listen to anyone that doubts you or judges you because its all about what you think and you can prove everyone wrong.

Another snippet of advice Rachel wanted to share with you is to judge and make your own decisions about products, treatments, brands etc, this way you stop believing the hype and start to make your own mind up, Just question everything.

Rachel has gone into depth and opened up about so much of her business and personal journey, Her podcast episodes are both inspirational and touching. Having so much goodness to share with you guys I just couldn't fit it all into this blog, If you want to hear about Rachels advice as to:

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  • As well as her personal experience overcoming, anxiety, hashimotos and so much more priceless pieces of advice.

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