Instagram, Are you keeping it Real or Fake it to you make it?

It's so true I actually used to hate the gram, I used to see the gram as a place full of fake-ness. A place where people pretend to be happy & post photos & videos of themselves that are so over filtered that sometimes i'd have to check their Instagram name to see who I was actually looking at. I found my self really disliking Instagram & not wanting any part of it! Why? because I like to keep things real, I like to be honest & authentic, true to myself & true to those who follow me. I thought that if i wanted to be on Instagram that i needed to be fake, that I needed to paint a picture perfect pretend world that only live's on Instagram. But how could i do that when my reality is far from perfect???

When I tried to do this I felt gross, I felt myself avoiding Instagram because it wasn't me, it wasn't real. This made me avoid the gram so much even though I knew other businesses were thriving on their & i was disadvantaging my business by not being present on Instagram. So I had to take a step back & stop blaming the gram! I had to take a step back and stop blaming people on the gram! I had to take a step back & give myself permission to go against the grain of the perfect made up pictures & lives i was seeing on Instagram & give my self permission to be, well me! When I let go of how I thought I had to be & what I thought I had to post it opened up a whole new world for me, I look forward to jumping online because now I feel comfortable looking like me, sounding like me, writing like me, doing videos that are the me you would meet in the real world. I started connecting & making new friends with people who are just like me & now i absolutely love the gram. The social platform was never the problem my perception of the social platform was the problem. Are you holding yourself back on social platforms because of your view on them?

With Gratitude,

Chelsea Valentino

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