Jasmin Ford - Makeup is a way for me to help people feel like the best version of themselves.

Jasmin has a lways had a passion for art & making people feel really good about themselves, so at a young age when falling pregnant with her beutiful daughter Storm (Now 9), Jaz seen this as the perfect opportunity to mix these 2 passions together & start her makeup business from home.

As well as having a highly booked out makeup business Jaz also does body painting, Is studying a bachelor of science to become a comsetic injectable nurse & raises 3 beautiful girls including 6 year old twins. I kno what your thinking WOW how does she do it!.

Well its not easy says Jess, I love what i do but its bloody hard, Iv had to set boundaried with clients by taking on less bookings & because i work on weekends & am studying the girls do miss out on weekend sports though sometimes these are the short term sacrifices that need to be made.

As a women who supports body positivity & women empowerment on every level Im not into editing photos! I have wrinkles around my eyes, women have pores on their face thats perfectly natural, over editing take that away & it looks weird & gives a false sense of what my makeup will actually look like to future clients.

Editing photos is practically false advertising & its the reason why so many women have negative body images towards themselves, they think that people have the perfect skin & body & figure but in reality they dont look like that.

Everyday I ask my girls: Who's Beautiful, who's Smart, who's Kind & they all respond with me, I do this to help build up their confidence & have them thinking about themselves positivley.

This is why I follow accounts such as Chrisspy on instagram, shes a curvey women thats so talented & she just owns it!

My advice to anyone wanting to get into makeup or body painting is let loose, let your creativity take over, theres no right or wrong with makeup.

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