Jen Barnard's advice to ditch the Brow Trends

Updated: Jan 11

Beauty boss Jen Barnard is leading the way in her Eco friendly beauty salon based in the heart of Midland Western Australia.

Jen has been in the beauty industry for a whooping 12.5 years long before brows were ever really a thing, This has given her the upper hand in regards to experience & being able to flow through the years of ever changing trends.

Though Jen has made it crystal clear that she is not one for following any brow trends at all & recommends that all brow artists stick to being true to themselves & their own brow style or natural flare.

Big brows are NOT in says Jen, Natural brows are! The younger generation have naturally bigger brows due to being younger & being lucky enough to grow up in an era with more awareness on how much of an impact brows make to our overall look.

Jen recommends other artists to choose a brow shape / style to suit each individual client over the market trends, whilst also taking into account their clients wants, however keeping in mind that it is your responsibility as the therapist to educate your clients along the way.

Jen encourages everyone who has a passion for beauty, brows or cosmetic tattooing to dive in, shes not shy to tell you that a job at coles would be far easier though she wouldn't change being in the beauty industry for a second.

A snippet of advice if you want to be a well known artist like Jen is to invest in yourself and train with the best. Having been internationally trained herself in America by none other then Suzie McIntosh & Brows by Linnie, the investment in these world renowned artists has taken Jens brow game next level.

You will always take bits & pieces of things you learn from each trainer & through this you create your own natural brow style.

As well as having a strong brow game Jen is very conscious of her environmental impact & where possible uses reusable cruelty free & vegan friendly products stating that we all have a responsibility to make the world a better place one person & one salon at a time.

What i love about Jen is her funny down to earth vibes & personality, her insta stories are absolutely hilarious & showcase exactly who Jen is in real life... My only advice is be wary of her insta stories if your a Gemini.

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