Kate Dawes - Australia's Leading Trichologist

Updated: Feb 20

Kate Dawes Aka Australia's leading Tricholigist!

What is a Trichologist you ask?

A Trichologist is a specialist in diagnosing diseases & prescribing the best treatment possible for hair loss & scalp conditions.

Having always had an artistic flare, Kate started showcasing her talents in the hairdressing industry which she thrived in 25 years. Having an entrepreneurial father Kate found herself training as a trichologist at the international association of trichology and working in her father's family business doing hair transplants.

As well as an interest in hair loss & Scalp conditions Kate also studied & received a Diploma in Nutritional medicine giving her even more knowledge, insight & understanding into how diet stress hormones and the human body can effect the scalp and hair of both men and women.

From their Kate decided to step into SMP to be able to help men & women with hair loss gain back their confidence covering baldness & scars with her unique SMP techniques. Kate is far from your average SMP artist having had her own battle with breast cancer & hair loss allowed Kate to empathize with her clients on a whole other level, keeping her humble grounded & in the industry for all the right reasons.

Kate confesses that it can be easy to become distracted with everything everyone else is doing on their Instagram all the awards etc but when a client is in my chair they are all that matters.

Kate currently has three studios based in Perth Melbourne & Sydney were two of her daughter's run an east Coast clinic each & one daughter works in her Melbourne Clinic, Kate's husband is also hands-on in the business taking care of the marketing, admin, consultations etc making the family & their business very personal & close knit

Kate's advice to anyone wanting to join the industry is to do it & love doing it, I don't think you will be an overnight sensation it takes years of practice to become a confident artists & earn good money but the best thing you can do is get straight into doing clients & learn from every single one.

Now before you over blowing up Kate's phone at this stage she is not offering any one-on-one training or many master classes either, having just hired two new team members, having 3 businesses to run & having her top priority being her clients there isn't much time left over for training.

Not only is Kate an extremely talented an educated artist she is also by far one of the most down to earth woman I have ever met & makes you feel like you've known her for a long time, she is a true asset to the SMP industry & one to be admired.

Chelsea Valentino

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Website: www.folisim.com.au

Full Podcast interview: https://www.podbean.com/ew/pb-ea7bx-d41df1

Full Youtube Interview: https://youtu.be/mHecc6lAS_E