Tamara Reid - Beaute Industrie's Leading Lady

Updated: May 31

A natural go getter!

Growing up Tamara wanted to be a dancer, though at 16 when trying to enrol she was advised that she missed the cut off by one day. Tamara had no idea where to go from there though she was flexible & open to ideas.

At a young age Tamara would be the one that others would confide in, her teacher told her that she would end up being a religious leader of some sort, she wasn't religious & just laughed it off. A tarot reader also told her that she would be a leader & have a large following of some sort though at 16 the only thing Tamara was really concerned about was keeping her job at bakers delight & wondering what career path she should go down.

Luckily enough for her, her best friend brought up a career in resort management specialising in day spas, I'd never even been to a day spa before Tamara said but it sounded like it had opportunity to grow & travel so for someone that gets bored it seemed like a path worth exploring.

In building her empire Tamara admits that it hasn't all been smooth sailing, originally when starting Beauti Industry I was also working somewhere else & although my following was small it was slowly gaining traction & this was when i was given an ultimatum, close Beauti Industry or lose your job.

Tamara was given 24 hours notice to make a decision. A few weeks prior Tamara & her hubby had made the decision to move from melbourne to brisbane meaning she was in a new home, with no friends, no family, was set to get married in less than 4 weeks & had just launched her Beauti membership site that had 100 members. Yikes talk about under pressure!

Luckily for Tamara & us she decided to go with her heart & choose Beaute Industrys after all she now had 100 people in her membership program & realised that it wasn't just about her anymore, it was about her community & she was not going to let them down she knew that these beauty business women needed her.

Being give then ultimatum in hindsight was a true blessing as it gave her the free time and the push she needed to go all in with Beauti Industry.

Like most of us in the industry Tamara admits that she has had her fair share of bullying with passive aggressive comments taking its toll on her usually strong & confident personality. Although over time Tamara started feeling like an empty shell of a human she couldn't put her finger on what was going on or why she felt that way.

Like most of us with kind hearts, we don't realise that we are actually being bullied until we are out of the situation & looking back at our situation & experience. One thing Tamara can't wrap her head around is why people in the industry are making it harder on each other, we are women & therapists. We have it hard enough without the added & unnecessary stress of bullying & making life harder for each other.

There is a silver lining, it is getting less competitive but there is always one moldy peach in the fruit bowl trying to make everyone else moldy. Does anyone else just love this girl's honesty??

How many times have you needed a little pick me up, a friend in your corner saying yes you can do it! Well Tamara is just that, A little cheerleader for women in the Beauti Industry, Her friends & community admits that she pushes them outside of their comfort zones, though Tamara knows that sometimes we need a healthy push to be able to grow.

Tamara is extremely humble about her growing achievements & community having 60k podcast listeners and a 10k social following. I now more than ever know how fortunate I Am to have this community. With so many business women trusting me it's even more important that I'm connecting with the right people.

Tamara is an absolute breath of fresh air. Her open, calm, honest nature makes you feel as though you have been her best mate for years. Her love & passion for her community & our industry is so pure & so beautiful to see. Tamara is a true leader in our field & one you must follow, No matter how much success this woman has & will achieve in the future she will always remain humble & be a caring honest voice for our industry & I admire that.

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