Having the Faith to Rebuild from Scratch

Updated: Jun 29

Anneke Erasmus started her beauty journey in a department store, At the time Anneke was placed with the top sales lady who happened to be the one person no-one wanted to work with, due to her tough nature.

Looking back Anneke realised that working with this lady was a key turning point in her life, her coworker made her push herself further and encouraged her to follow her dreams. I liked hearing this as I too believe, sometimes when people are tough on us it's because they actually want us to succeed and reach our full potential.

Tattooing first came into my life when I was writing a thesis on it, said Anneke, looking back at the techniques used, they are laughable compared to how we do things now. I couldn't actually find any work that I liked until I started looking at European artists. Anneke hadn't started tattooing by this point but a seed was planted in her mind that would later come into fruition.

I was training to be a beauty therapist and started selling skin care products for a bit of extra money, After 4 years of selling skin care for Amway my boss asked me: How much money do you want to earn? I said 5k, she replied, you can't run before you can crawl!

I didn't like this, All I could think was who are you to tell me what I can and can't do with my life! and that's when I decided to look for a new job.

I was newly qualified when I went into a pharmacy to apply for a job however, they mentioned that there was a spare room I could use to start my own beauty business in, I saw the opportunity and decided to go for it, even though I only had $1800 to start my new business. My clientele grew so quickly, I believe that if you're good with people then your clientele will always grow. I always try and put myself in my clients shoes and ask myself how would I want to feel leaving this building?

Word spread quickly and Anneke soon out grew the pharmacy and from there it was time to start her own salon. After a few years Anneke decided to go into partnership with a friend, Even though Anneke's parents advised her not to go into partnership Anneke was adamant they complimented each other so well as she was the visionary and her friend was the numbers gal.

What could go wrong right?

Anneke wasn't yet qualified in cosmetic tattooing so she was recommending her clients to see an artist who did offer cosmetic tattooing. I was recommending a lot of people so one day I decided to calculate how much money I was sending over to the other artist. I was shocked as I realised that this lady would have made enough (through my recommendations) to cover my cosmetic tattooing course fee.

That's when I decided to train with Aleksandra Maniuse, an artist that I admired for a long time. Anneke and Aleksandra really hit it off and that's when an opportunity of a lifetime was offered to Anneke. Aleksandra had asked Anneke to be her New Zealand rep for Aleksandra empire: Deluxe Brows. Anneke knew this was the opportunity she had been waiting for however her business partner wasn't as optimistic about the news.

I didn't want to fight with my business partner so long story short I let her have the business, I literally just walked out, it was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do, it was like going through a divorce.

I would have loved to have kept the friendship but it didn't work out that way, I learnt a lot of lessons through that experience though looking at where I Am now, I'm grateful.

Because my business grew so quickly I'm only now learning how to make small healthy changes like delegating tasks so that I can savoir and enjoy my free time instead of always working. Feeling under pressure with social media is also something I need to be mindful of as sometimes I feel as though I can't keep up. I had to swallow my pride and admit that I needed help so I hired Claire Martin from CM Biz Academy to help me with this. Business is always a working process.

Everyone has a story behind their success, which is why you shouldn't compare yourself to someone else's perfect now, just be who you are and work towards your own kind of success. Rejoice with people over what they have been able to achieve rather than being jealous over what they have and you don't. The journey of getting anywhere rewarding doesn't come easy.

I would love for everyone to know:

You are smarter than you believe,

Stronger than you know and

Your dreams don't have to be small.

A few of us have co-created PMU T.A.L.K which stands for:

Take Away Love and Knowledge, we kept seeing so much bad work and unfortunately there are no regulations.

We want women to be able to feel comfortable sharing their work and asking questions, We want to build relationships and really get to know other artists.

We have created a space through PMU T.A.L.K where artists can come and learn from each other to become better artists to encourage others to stop hiding behind the facades of what social media can be. Passionate artists are always freely willing to offer help to others, to connect and to show how much we care about each other's success.

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