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Chelsea Valentino

Brow Gel

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Tame and shape unruly brows with this clear, water-resistant, long-wearing, eyebrow gel and unique, ultra-precision spoolie. Tame and shape

Why people love Zebra Clear Brow Gel
- Polished looking brows all day long
- Clear gel
- Water-resistant
- Can be used over brow tattoos
- Creates natural-looking shine
- Strong but soft-looking hold
- Triangular spoolie for precise application

How to use:

Apply the eyebrow gel following the direction of eyebrow hairs; perfect to use alone or team with our brow favs PONI Brow Powder, PONi Mane Stain, and PONi Brow Magic.

Pictured: These brows were perfected using The Brow Gel & 3 in 1 Highlighter 

Still not quite sure if you're using it properly? I'd be happy to show you when you're in the salon for your next appointment.