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Chelsea Valentino

Poni Highlighter

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3-in-1 Brow Highlighter

By using this brow highlighter you are giving your brows the illusion of being lifted this, in turn, helps you to appear younger. If you are regular with your brow appointments Highlighter will also make your brow colour stand out more as your tint/henna starts to fade which helps to save you time every day by not having to pencil them in.

This Multi-purpose creamy blend can be used as a brow highlighter, concealer, and eyeshadow base for a brighter finish.

This formulation is blendable. The long-wearing brow highlighter glides on under arches to make your brows POP with a matt finish. Easy to use, the soft peachy hue is ideal for all skin types. Use an under-eye concealer or priming base for eyeshadow too.

What’s not to love?
- Creamy and blendable
- Multi-tasking - highlighter, concealer, and eyeshadow base
- Long-lasting
- Universally flattering concealing tone
- Matte finish

How to use your Brow Pop Highlighter?

Apply Brow Pop under your brow using your Poni Brow Brush, following along the arch and lightly blending. For that extra POP apply two dots above the arch and blend too.

Pictured: These brows were perfected using The brow pop  Highlighter & Brow Gel.

Still not quite sure if you're using it properly? I'd be happy to show you when you're in the salon for your next appointment.